CIn 1983, Mayor Labs in Phoenix, Arizona USA opened up a state of the art research and development lab, complete manufacturing facilities, product fulfillment, and an international shipping department to produce the world’s first ever oral spray vitamin and supplements using its patented delivery system, along with the USP, NF (United States Pharmacopeia, National Formulary) approved formulations.

The oral spray system was invented by the late Joseph A. Deihl, a man with a dream. He stuck with his dream, and watched it become a reality with the opening of Mayor Labs which takes the purest vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and puts them into liquid form that is bottled and sprayed directly into the mouth. This invention became a spray vitamin named VitaMist for which he was awarded both U.S. and International patents and as a result of his efforts in developing VitaMist and establishing multiple worldwide patents, he was awarded The Congressional Medal Of Freedom, the highest award a civilian can receive from the United States Congress.

Some of the major accomplishments of Mayor Labs include:

  • Referenced  in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) as the best delivery system.
  • Added to the Red Book for insurance reimbursement and coverage.
  • Featured as a story on PBS on the American Medical Review.
  • Interviewed on ABC, CBS, WGN, CNN, Disney, Unavision, FOX, and NBC..
  • Highlighted and featured on over 2,500 radio stations nationwide.
  • Published articles in the LA Times, Prevention Magazine, and Forbes.
  • The only supplement featured on the leading portal
  • Named 2016 Product of the Year at the World Massage Festival.